Kitchen Furniture

Decorating Plastic Jars With Lids

Decorating Plastic Jars With Lid

Plain white room walls and corner of an empty room feels like we are bored in the room. Often we think to complete it with room decoration, but unfortunately finance is running low. Rather than d...

Exotic Reclaimed Wood Kitchen Cabinets for Classic Kitchen Design

Classic Kitchen Reclaimed Wood Kitchen Cabinets White Laminate Backsplash Finished with Glass Panels and Two Small Lamps

The trend of using wood medium or material is more stable to be used on parts of the house such as walls or floors. The rest, the use of wood is very often we pay attention to many furniture with...

A Rustic Kitchen Island Brings that Vintage Feel

Rustic Kitchen Island Furniture

Having a rustic kitchen island is not a must, but it turns out to be a great furnishing for a kitchen that is heavily inspired by a rustic decorating theme. Imagine the word rustic, you might fin...